Augusti 2018
Starrkärr Karlslund, SE-641 96 Katrineholm, Sverige Katrineholm

Ride Of Hope

Hey All! The Strängnäs Western Riders would like to invite everyone to our 5th annual Ride / Walk Of Hope charity event for Barncancerfonden! Join us Saturday August 25th at kl 10 for a 1 hour ride / walk through the woods for a great cause! You don't need a horse to join us! Just bring your walking shoes! and bring something for the grill for after the walk! Come for kl 10 so we are saddled and ready to ride out by kl 11 and back for lunch kl 12...it costs 100 kr per entry ...all the money collected will be donated to Barncancerfonden...our goal for this year is to raise 2000 kronor for the cause! So please join us for a fun day for a great cause!

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