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Mars 2019
Köttinspektionen Uppsala

Double solo evening: Last Yearz Interesting Negro & Rowdy SS

Köttinspektionen Dans proudly presents:BASICTENSION by Last Yearz Interesting NegroBALANCE by Rowdy SSfollowed by a conversation with the artists about their work and the double solo mirror practiceFriday 29th of March 19.00
Free admission, no booking requiredthe double solo mirror practice is a curatorial concept, as well as a toolbox, facilitating new formats for artistic exchange and reflection in relation to choreographic solo practices. The project takes place as a series of double residencies where one invited solo artist is asked to invite another solo artist to join the residency. This is our first event in a series of three, and presents the work of Last Yearz Interesting Negro and Rowdy SS from London. The two choreographers will spend a week at Köttinspektionen working with the toolbox, a set of instructions proposing ways in which to share, contaminate, reflect, surprise or challenge each others practices. The week ends with public performances of their solo works and a conversation about the experience.BASICTENSION by Last Yearz Interesting NegroDances between control and abandon, a meditation on, and exit from, the cannon of ‘contemporary’ dance in an age of collapse, a search for refuge in a climate of total exposure.Working with fragments of commissioned music and shattered injunctions for movement gathered from disparate observers, and set within ruins and blackness, the work embodies deep pessimism about existence in the current order whilst also searching for a way through and out.“I started this project wanting to make meditation tapes to calm my rampant alienation and to slow my racing thoughts but what does calm look like when you embody countless contradictions, conflicts and traumas and language can’t stretch to hold you and it was never your language anyway and you look out at the city and it is like your beating heart, complicated, congested and broken. Some things need to break and I don’t want space or distance but to assume my hybrid form right here. I want to break this space open. I want to be broken open, like Leeloo in The Fifth Element.“BALANCE by Rowdy SSA solo dance/sound/visual improvisation, an on going work in research of uses of space; How are we using space? How is space using us?Balance is Rowdy SS initiating live happenings, performance and installations as interjections to tour, entangle and/or simplify how we are using and have used spaces, the ‘things’ that do and do not exist in said spaces, the other ways, new, ways we can use ourselves, technologies and our physicality to communicate, in and outside of these/those spaces.“The intention behind these happenings; use expected and unexpected spaces for sharing, exploring and furthering conversations that give life to new and old concepts, processes, traditions and techniques. Doing more with the constant dualities, healing, distruction, connections/disconnections, the ways of ‘being’ in and during the performance and allowing for the unearthing of the somewhat conditioned approaches to sharing/expressing ourselves to each other and with one another…”---------------------------------
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